"Content isn’t king … it’s the kingdom" - Lee Odden

And with our help, it’s yours for the taking.

The Devil Wears Flip Flops is your virtual content marketing dream team.

We’ve declared war on boring copy, stale images and sappy content ideas in the travel and tourism industries.

From the content trenches we throw witty puns and explosive ideas, fire-off snappy sentences and smash KPIs with a targeted approach to communications.

Our weapons of choice?

Copywriting –  Blog Management – Custom Publishing – Video – Photography – Graphic Design

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Looking for a content marketing team that just gets in and gets the job done? You’re looking at them!


Should we work together?

If you like puns, metaphors and a tone of voice that’s as bubbly as a bottle of Prosecco, email us to say hi.



We’ll turn your challenges into our opportunities to make content magic. See what services are in our bag of tricks.