YOU in Words

Write your About Page and Bio now. Not in another six months time…

Got deer-in-the-headlights paralysis whenever you sit down to write ANYTHING about yourself? You’re not alone.

Writing about yourself is hard, especially when you don’t consider yourself a writer.

Whether you’re trying to write the About Page on your website, a sassy bio for your Twitter account, or just explaining what you do to someone at a party… you know you’ve got all kinds of awesome to offer, but what’s coming out when you try to put it into words just isn’t professional enough.

And worse yet, it’s just not you.

If you…

1Are creating or updating a blog or website and need your About Page copy to sound as kick-ass as your products and services;

2Feel like your current copy is about as exciting as a cardboard box;

3Are sick of trying (unsuccessfully) to make your personality shine through in your copy and feel like you’re falling flat on your face…

I’m here to help you get untangled & unstuck on words NOW.

In this do-it-at-your-own-pace word-kit, you’ll learn the anatomy of a brilliant About Page and Bio, and be taken through the copywriter’s process step by step with real (read: useful) examples, activities, references and templates.

From the right questions to ask to dig deep into your WHY, to how to brainstorm like a mofo, YOU in Words won’t only get your creativity flying on all engines but will boost your confidence (and in turn your writing skill) to the moon!

The truth is…

You don’t have to be a professional copywriter to write a kick-ass about page for yourself.

You just need to know how to think like one.

So, what’s inside (and how’s it going to help you smash it out of the park)?

Module 1: Who the heck are you and why do I care?

It’s time to get clear on who you are and who you’re trying to reach. Realllllllly clear – there’s no skimming over the surface here.

Module 2: Ask questions, more questions and then even more

Analysis that’s not boring (promise).

Module 3: Alright stop, brainstorm time

Are you ready to nail your voice? + Say hello to the hook (aka the answer to all your copy woes).

Module 4: The EDIT

Now it’s time to make ‘em feel. How to pump more emotional power into your words

Module 5: Checks, (spits) and polishes

Time to get the red pen out! Does your copy tick every box? Is it working as hard as possible?

Module 6: How to write a bangin’ bio

Everything you need to know so you can own your awesomeness.

Wrap-up (in a big red bow)

A final note on brand consistency, updating your content, editing for different markets/audiences + question time.


Ready-to-rock templates – You’ve done all the groundwork but if you’re still feeling a little stuck, use these prompts to fill in the blanks and play around with the structure of your about page and bio.

I’m sold. Let’s do it!

YOU in Words ebook


What the F is The Devil Wears Flip Flops?

Think of us as your editor-on-call (minus the six-inch heels and intimidating persona) – helping you to shake off the shackles of corporate jargon and stronghold of writer’s dysmorphia so you can simplify your writing projects and feel stoked about your copy.

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*Warning!* May cause fist pumping revelations, like this:

Raspberry Stripes

“I've just finished poring over YOU in Words, and wow! She's a beauty. I was really impressed by the depth of the modules and just how much value Celeste has packed into this eBook - yet at the same time, it's so fun to read! I cannot think of a more affordable way to professionally create (or overhaul) your About Page and Bio. Plus, there's a ton of real-life examples and references to get that creativity flowing. 5 sparkly stars!”

Alana Wimmer Raspberry Stripes
Nooks and Cranny

"Celeste's word-kit is worth it's weight in bars of solid gold! Her thoughtful advice, loads of dos and don'ts you forget way back in your uni days, and real-life case studies inspired a dramatic overhaul to our About Page. (Literally, as I put the word-kit down.) Our page was formerly a drab recap of our lives and required a serious DIY makeover to drop the ‘me me me’ and show how our skills can help ‘you you you’ (our reno readers)! I am certain there's something in her bag-of-tricks every blogger (or biz) will resonate with, and in turn aid a crafty 'About You Page' transformation!"

Nikki Dudley Nooks and Cranny

"Whoa. What a beautiful way to absolutely master your About Page and Bio like a Pro! Celeste's created the most incredible guide, to take you on a journey to dig deep, peel the layers back, uncover your purpose, and bring your message to light exceptionally. I loved every piece of this ebook, and can't wait to implement the strategies I learnt to elevate my brand and really take things next-level. Celeste, you are so divinely talented and have absolutely nailed this."

Ash Good Goodbeing
Fresh By Sian

“You In Words is a killer toolkit I wish I had when I first started my biz. I think copywriting is such an important part of business in general, but sometimes it can be quite hard to master, so to have a solid resource like this on hand is awesome. Get this thing in your business toolbox now!”

Sian Richardson Fresh By Sian

"Right from the first page of YOU In Words I felt like Celeste was in my head and somehow knew every secret fear and hesitation I had about copywriting. A few more pages in and I was buzzing. Not only because I felt like I’d finally found a solution to a problem that had been frustrating the crap out of me for so long, but her canny style of explaining things has a way of giving you that confidence boost to believe you actually have it in you to write your own kick-ass copy. Every module takes you through her unique process of digging deep to extract the right info and actually make it sound pretty damn good. I feel like it might have been there all along, I just needed Celeste’s word-kit to help me find my voice."

Krista Eppelstun
Vegie Head

“If I had to choose 5 words to say how wonderful Celeste, The Devil Wears Flip Flops and her 'You in Words' ebook is, I'd choose: Devilishly clever, aspiring & red hot. Celeste's work is immaculate eye candy, delving self enquiry designed to stretch and evolve you, and fun!!”

Adele McConnell Vegie Head
We Are Branch

"The YOU In Words e-book packs a serious punch. If your website copy has been lacklustre but you lack the budget to bring in the professional big guns to fix it, this is the quick and easy answer you’ve been waiting for. With years of professional experience behind her, Celeste knows exactly what works and shares it all with a refreshing candor — this definitely isn’t a rehash of your boring high school grammar book! YOU In Words is easy to follow from beginning to end with prompts, suggestions and plenty of room to fill in the blanks. Basically, it’s fool-proof."

Shauna Haider We Are Branch


Ready to take your About Page by the horns?

If you want to feel stoked when you read your About Page, and motivated to finally press send on that draft email response (you know, the one where you have to pitch yourself), I want to help YOU be the one you high five after it’s done.

You could wait for three to six months to work with a professional copywriter, OR you could dive in right now and give your copy the kahunas it deserves.