Topdeck USA & Canada brochure

Itineraries rewrite

June 16, 2015

Shaking up a brand’s voice is never a small feat. I worked alongside the Topdeck content team to boost their brochure itinerary copy to new (epic) levels, following a brief to infuse more personality, pop culture references and undeniable magnetism to sell their 18-30 something trips around the USA & Canada.

After working with a small select team of writers and researching the towns, cities and experiences to the nth degree, the fresh new copy was met with applause (even some tears, I’m told!) and matched the HOT new look of their brand design and magazine feel of the 2015 brochures.

Sales of their USA trips increased exponentially after the release of this brochure, the first in the roll-out of the content re-brand.

See the online version of the Topdeck Travel North America brochure or pick one up next time you’re in Flight Centre.