TSV-eBook-CoverI’m a magazine girl through and through. I love the tangible feel of magazines, their smell, the excitement of flicking through a new issue.

But I have to say, being able to turnaround digital ebook projects in a third of the time it used to take to print a magazine or speciality publication when I worked for Pacific Magazines (the Total Girl Party Book was one of my absolute fave projects!), and seeing it come to live in retina display is a whole new buzz of its own.

Recently, The Devil Wears Flip Flops team and I were tasked with putting a spotlight on the unknown Great Barrier Reef experiences available in sunny Townsville North Queensland (and this place is literally one of the sunniest spots in the world with 320 days of the sweet stuff per year).

My photographer wing-woman, Krista, and I flew up to Townsville and spent five days throwing ourselves into the deep blue and hooning around Magnetic Island in topless cars all in the name of hunting down the best stories and capturing the beauty of this region so we could present it in this awesome new ebook, The Secret Side of the Great Barrier Reef.




It wasn’t all us, though. Gorgeous Instagrammer @gypsea_lust and her sister @elsas_wholesomelife provided some absolutely epic shots (not to mention totally enviable wardrobe choices) for the ebook, making it pop!

What goes into developing an ebook like this? We spent around two weeks working with the team from Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) to develop the idea and map out the stories we wanted to gather while we were there.

From there, we put together a flatplan – literally a map of what’s to go on each page – and set about researching the stories and gathering visual inspiration on a private Pinterest board while the TEQ team put together an itinerary for our trip.

First-person experience is absolutely invaluable when it comes to a project like this. In order to bring a region and its tourism options alive, you need to live and breathe them.

After our trip, a solid week was spent transcribing interviews, writing features, editing photos, creating illustrations, and getting everything ready for approval by the team.

We then designed the ebook over two days and the sub-editing and approval process began!

As well as being featured on Tourism and Events Queensland’s consumer travel blog, Hello Sunshine, the ebook is being promoted via Facebook and channeled out via the operators included in the ebook and the local tourism organisation.

If you’re thinking of planning a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, definitely have a read and download it to your device of choice.

We’d love to know what you think!

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