Our Clients Will Tell It To You Straight

They paid us to say these nice things!

Global Publicity Manager, Tourism and Events Queensland

"A little over two years ago, our queensland.com/blog was a fairy tale. Now it’s a go-to inspiration board that takes 100,000 (and growing) visitors a month under the skin of Queensland. And its success? Much of that comes down to Celeste Mitchell, our blog editor, who has taken that early flight of fancy and created a direct to consumer channel; overhauling the look and feel of the blog when it needed it, incorporating new trends, managing a raft of authors, and creating content that people really want to read. Celeste is more than a one-stop shop; she is a ghost team member who has our back."

Shelley Winkel Global Publicity Manager, Tourism and Events Queensland
Chief Storyteller, Topdeck

"If you want edgy, creative copywriting that hits the mark every time, look no further. Celeste brings years of editorial experience, digital savvy and creative flair together to create amazing results every time. She's also a great communicator, knows the travel space inside out and has the ability to create outstanding work against even the tightest deadlines."

Emanuel Wetterqvist Chief Storyteller, Topdeck
In Spaces Between

"Celeste’s copy is rich and fresh and truly ALIVE. Her words dance. Through a well-crafted ‘pre-game’ questionnaire, Cel was able to deftly tease out some salient messages about my work (in her stellar, signature way). From there, I was able to whip up a bio I’m proud to share with the world and that feels like me. I’m all for collaboration, so doing it this way made my heart sing and of course, I can’t recommend this vibrant, copywritin’ cowgirl enough."

Rachel Macdonald In Spaces Between

"Hold the phone! You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me, right? ARE YOU IN MY HEAD?! That was my reaction BOTH times after working with Celeste. Her work is that impeccable. I can barely express my gratitude."

Tara Bliss tarabliss.com.au
Y Travel Blog

"I've known Celeste for some time and have admired her ability to create magic with words. I knew my ebook needed a quality editor like her to really give life to it. Not only is Celeste an amazing editor, but she's also a gentle one. She softens her editing with a lot of love and positivity. I was worried my poor ego would fall in a heap on the floor, but Celeste felt like a caring midwife, maintaining my dignity while offering a strong professional hand to help give life to my ideas in a more succinct and powerful way. And as all women who've just given birth say about their midwife, I just couldn't have done it without her!"

Caz Makepeace Y Travel Blog
Stryker Online

"My only regret is that I didn’t hire Celeste sooner. Working with Celeste is a dream – she is professional and dedicated to understanding her client and their expectations. She was very communicative (as you would expect) and makes it her business to ‘get you’.  What comes out on the other side of that is beautifully crafted copy. I would not hesitate to work with Celeste again on my own projects or those of my clients."

Jodie Ferdinand Stryker Online
Darling Fashion

"My experience with you is one that helps me keep my faith in the human race. You did what you said you would do, on time, brilliantly executed, no problems and pleasant with it. You over delivered in every area. When I read the site now I just smile and shake my head in wonderment as to how well it reads, you’re a gem. It’s converting really well and seen our Google ranking go to Number 1!"

JONATHAN PAAPE Darling Fashion

"I was totally stumped when it came to writing my about page and service page. I knew in my head what I wanted to say but could not get it onto paper, not to mention did not have hours of time to spare to sit there and struggle over it. That’s when I decided to contact Celeste. From our first conversation it felt like I was talking to a long lost friend. She made the process so easy, just got me chatting and asked me questions, then went away and worked her magic. Celeste made every effort to make sure I was happy with the final copy. Even with my vague review notes she worked through it to make sure it was exactly what I wanted and delivered above and beyond what was promised. I would highly recommend her and will certainly be working with her again myself."