What the devil?

You don’t do boring. Good, neither do we!

The Devil Wears Flip Flops is the tourism industry’s content crew on-demand.

Kinda like Netflix, but for content when you need it most.

Collectively, we’ve penned millions of words and photographed thousands of destinations that have helped businesses and brands turn more heads than Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

If you’re looking for help with your website or app copy, blog posts, overarching content plan, or just want to know how the hell to write a witty email opt-in, you’re right where you need to be.


Our sleeves are rolled up, ready to whip your content into shape with the same results as Michelle Bridges.

(only there’ll be no blood, sweat and tears for you).

With a solid editorial grounding, all-important custom publishing experience, and a hefty stint in promoting tourism destinations as part of the publicity A-team at Tourism & Events Queensland, the crew behind The Devil Wears Flip Flops are at your service.

We’re experts in the tourism landscape and don’t need a GPS to navigate our way around the industry. In fact, we’ve got the doctorate and the Nobel Prize when it comes to stakeholder management.

And we know more than enough acronyms to keep us talking in secret tourism code for life.


Introducing your content army

So, who are these girls with the funny business name & what can they do for me?

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What can we do for you?


Do you need help penning new website copy? Maybe a new brochure? We can wordsmith for you – and make your story a page-turner.


So you’ve penned something but it’s failing to ‘pop’. *Cracks knuckles* Let us at it. We bring more pop than Kylie – and will tighten your copy with an eye-for-detail and commitment to personality-fused copy.

Blog Management

As writers by trade, creating a kick a** editorial calendar is what we do best. We’ll create a gripping content calendar, create new content and ensure everything is delivered on time, message and budget.

Custom Publishing

Are you sitting on a hotbed of content? Do you think it could be produced into an eBook, a magazine or it’s very own website? We can help – with words, graphic design and photography packages that fly off the screen into the hands of hungry consumers.

Short-form video creation

Why say it with words when you can say it in a video? With a team of videographers we can capture your content – whether it’s a meet the team video, an epic destination or a character-based tale, we can film for you.


Capturing good content is half of the battle, that’s why we have a team ready to shoot for you. Whether it’s social style snaps, content for your social media or website – we’ll ensure your products and services are always shown in the best light.



Meet the Team

Celeste Mitchell, Commander-in-chief
Celeste Mitchell is a whip-smart wordslinger & business pimp for entrepreneurs and brands who want to take their online presence from boring to badass. As a journalist, former magazine editor (TV HITS RIP) and the founder of The Devil Wears Flip Flops she’s obsessed with flipping clichéd copy on its head and writing words that will make you sit up and pay attention. When she’s not whipping blog posts into shape in her role as editor of Tourism and Events Queensland wildly successful travel blog,  you’ll find her gallivanting around the world writing stories and columns for newspapers and magazines like Escape and Australian Traveller, coaching organisations on writing like a human, and practising her Spanish so she can graduate past phrases like “soy un caballo” (I am a horse) on DuoLingo.



Hannah Statham, Warrior of the written word
Hannah Statham is the kind of girl who doesn’t leave the house with a few hashtags in her handbag. She is a Brisbane-based media specialist with seven years experience managing publicity campaigns, writing clickable-copy and running social media accounts. In fact, her campaigns and ideas have earned more passport stamps than she has. For the past five years she’s been behind the PR and social media machine at Tourism & Events Queensland, before joining this Devilish team. When she’s not refreshing her Instagram feed, you’ll find Hannah walking her rescue greyhound Olivia. Lock up your office-dog before she comes to visit – or expect her attention to be diverted.



Krista Eppelstun, Visual content
Like a self-taught ninja armed with a Canon 5D and stylus, Krista has kicked more butt in digital art and design than many do in a lifetime. From founding Australia’s first online surf stores, to heading up digital marketing for a top cosmetics company, Krista has managed to find a way to throw her love of everything visual into the Thermomix and create beautiful, emotive imagery and videos (for brands like Tourism Australia, Tourism and Events Queensland and Brisbane Marketing) that people can’t help but drink up quicker than you can say “green smoothie”.