What the devil?

You don’t do boring.

You’re sick of every website and email looking like a clone of another and worse still, losing your interest at approximately 1.6 seconds.

You’re overwhelmed with word vomit that causes you to search for hours and still feel confused, but try as you might, you just can’t get your personality to shine through your writing. (That’s if you can even write about yourself at all.)

Basically, you’re ready for someone to just tell it like it is.

Someone to help you say exactly what you mean, minus the 54 hours of procrastination and cursing at your computer screen.


The Devil Wears Flip Flops is your editor-on-call

(minus the six-inch heels and intimidating persona).

We’re here to help you be ruthless through writing. Because in this online world where millions of potential customers are right on your doorstep, every word matters.

If you’re looking for help with your website copy, blog posts, that ebook you’ve been stewing over for close to two years, or just want to know how the hell to write a witty email opt-in, you’re right where you need to be.

Writing and editing don’t have to be intimidating. Here you’ll find plenty of tips for shaking off the shackles of corporate jargon and stronghold of writer’s dysmorphia so you can simplify your writing projects and feel stoked about your copy.

Don’t go for safe and boring. It’s all been done before.

Give your copy the kahunas it deserves.


Who’s Behind This Word Circus?

So, who is this Celeste chick anyway?

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So, who is this Celeste chick anyway?

I’m just a girl, sitting in front of my computer, asking you to read on (okay, that might be a line from Notting Hill. Sorry).

When people come to me, they’re sick of the cardboard blandness of their writing and SO sick of feeling stuck. They need to make a change to stand out for all the right reasons.

They say things like: “I’m having a hard time making my copy sound good”, “I just can’t find the right words” and “Damn girl! You + me = let’s make sweet, sweet words together”*.
(*So awesome.)

Once we’ve jammed together, they end up with copy that excites them and makes them feel 100% authentic. Which makes it a whole lot easier for them to sell whatever it is they’re selling!

People start to pay attention because now their real personality is out there for everyone to see. In a snappily edited, tasty little package.

And ultimately, that’s the point of my work: To translate stories and shake up the status quo.

Since launching my copywriting business in 2013, I’ve helped international travel companies and tourism boards multiply their sales and amplify their message through sassy copywriting and magazine-quality blog posts, created ebooks and managed weekly email newsletters, and worked with inspiring entrepreneurs to nail their message, cut down the clutter and tell their story with undeniable magnetism.

In a past life I was a writer and editor for some of Australia’s top magazines including Cosmopolitan, Girlfriend and TV HITS, then spent a few years testing my clumsiness to the nth degree via countless adventure activities – all in the name of providing journalists and bloggers with a great story and an even better time – in my role as publicist for a tourism board.

Now, when I’m not at my desk in the coworking space I co-built in sunny Australia or overstaying my welcome in my favourite coffee shops, I travel the world, working wherever there’s WiFi. Consequently, I’ve been blocked from many friends’ Facebook feeds.

Say hi on Twitter here and on Instagram @thedevilwearsflipflops. I’d love to hear from you!

Oh, So You’re Looking For A Profesh Third-Person Bio, Are You?

Here You Go!

Celeste Mitchell is a whip-smart wordslinger & business pimp for entrepreneurs and brands who want to take their online presence from boring to badass.

As a journalist, former magazine editor and the founder of The Devil Wears Flip Flops she’s obsessed with flipping clichéd copy on its head and writing words that will make you sit up and pay attention.

When she’s not figuring out how to use the word ‘mofo’ in a sentence, you’ll find her gallivanting around the world writing stories for newspapers and magazines like Escape, Australian Traveller and Jetstar magazine, coaching organisations on writing like a human, and dishing out advice on writing with personality here at thedevilwearsflipflops.com.

Meet the Team


Krista Eppelstun
Devilish visual content, done with a smile

From sun-kissed career beginnings as a multi-tasking super-mum and pro bodyboarder’s wife living between Hawaii and Australia in her early 20s, Krista has spent the last two decades kicking goals as a business owner, digital magazine publisher, web designer, graphic artist, photographer and videographer.

Like a self-taught ninja armed with a Canon 5D and stylus, Krista has kicked more butt in digital art and design than many do in a lifetime. From founding Australia’s first online surf stores, to heading up digital marketing for a top cosmetics company, Krista has managed to find a way to throw her love of everything visual into the Thermomix and create beautiful, emotive imagery and videos (for brands like Tourism Australia) that people can’t help but drink up quicker than you can say “green smoothie”.



Ariana Potamianakis
AKA the devil’s wing woman

Ariana – or Ari as she’s known – is the Robin to Celeste’s Batman, a knockout 2-in-1 editorial and content marketing assistant, whipping up savvy content and keeping everyone on their word nerd toes at The Devil Wears Flip Flops HQ.

After four years with her nose in the books nutting out a Marketing Communications degree she thought she was destined for the corporate hamster wheel but her interest in all things online came when she scored an internship with the digital marketing gurus at Flux Digital.

After graduating in 2016 (#yew), she took to the freelancer life as an online digital marketing assistant – tweaking websites that needed sprucin’ and crafting clever social media posts – while successfully figuring out a way to stay beachside and not be forced to wear itchy corporate garb on the daily.

During that time she also started working a few days a week with Celeste and discovered writing didn’t have to be all drone tone and sell, sell, sell!, before (happily) jumping on board full-time.


Desta Cullen
The devil is in the (word choice) details

After experiencing her first career setback at the age of five when she realised she couldn’t, in fact, jump through the TV screen to become Pippi Longstockings’ sassy sidekick, Desta resolved to spend her days telling stories that mattered. The all-encompassing, take-no-prisoner kind that make people act and do—but above all—feel.

Fiction sorted from non-fiction, and with a fresh journalism degree tucked under her arm, she spent a little time dabbling in sideline pursuits (PR, events, marketing), before realising that storytelling ain’t all inverted pyramids, grammar rules, or online quizzes.

Following six years spent crafting content for some of Australia’s best publications (where putting her brows and unruly mop on the line in the name of a story was all in a day’s work), she took her solo show on the road as a freelance word slinger. Mission: kick-ass